Character Doll Commission Pricing

All prices are in GBP (£).

Prices are subject to change without notice.


The size of your doll is measured from the top of the head/ears to the bottom of the feet. For quadrupedal creatures, this is measured the same way (as if it were standing on its hind legs), minus the length of the tail (although if the tail is a large feature, this may result in an additional charge). Heights are approximate; I now only offer one base size as all my dolls tend to fall in this size regardless.

Why are the prices as they are? Please bear in mind that it takes roughly 75-100 (sometimes more!) hours to complete one doll, based on complexity. I value my time and effort, and I must price accordingly.



Doll Base

£1,500 starting price

Height ~16” (40cm)

In many cases, quadrupedal characters will stand better on their own, with bipedal characters becoming more unstable while standing on two feet. If stability is an issue, bipedal characters will need a stand (which is included).




The armature of your doll is like its skeleton. It gives it structure and allows for articulation. Below are the three main options I offer:

Aluminum wire (included in base price): this is the most economical choice. This is the perfect option for a display only (with the occasional posing), low-maintenance doll. The wire is prone to breaking the more you move the parts around.

Plastic ball-jointed and aluminum wire mix (starting at £50): the plastic armature is incredibly strong, and will not easily break. Perfect for bigger dolls and for snake-like creatures with long limbs, tails, or bodies. This is a mix of plastic and wire, as some parts could be too small for the plastic armature alone (fingers, arms, wrists, ears, etc.).

Steel ball and socket (starting at £400): this is the most expensive, but the most durable option. This is closer to a working stop-motion animation puppet and will not easily break. This makes for a much heavier doll but it is very strong. This also includes plastic armature for tails and spines. The premium and professional option.



I am happy to announce that ALL dolls are now automatically upgraded to resin parts, printed in a durable ABS-like resin for a higher quality and finish.

Articulated Jaw (starting at £100): Jaws are set on a steel ball-and-socket joint, providing strength and smooth movement. The inside of the mouth is sculpted.

Articulated Ears (£20): Ears are set on a plastic ball-and-socket joint, providing strength and smooth movement. In some cases I will use wire for long fabric ears.



Real feathers (starting at £100 for small, £200+ for large, for a pair): Made with dyed duck craft feathers, these can get tattered if handled too much or not gently enough. Great for a realistic looking wings.

EVA foam (starting at £200 for small, £350+ for large, for a pair): these are more durable in the sense they won’t get tattered, although the foam is still fragile and can bend easily. Great for cartoony-looking wings, but also works for realistic looking wings.



Needs to be discussed. Cost will depend on the complexity of your requested piece. In some cases, if the clothing is too intricate or detailed, I won’t offer this option.

Length of doll/extra limbs: Complex armatures will take more time and will affect your quote.

Fur patterns: Complex paint patterns and fur patterns will take more time and will affect your quote.

Props/Jewellery: Needs to be discussed. Complexity/amount of accessories will affect your quote.


Once I have approved your quote, and you have confirmed your interest, I will require a £100 holding deposit to secure your slot (which is deducted from your total invoice). Once initial approvals on the doll have been made by the client, I will require the 1st payment instalment before any work is started. Following payments will be invoiced in instalments of 3-4.


I will require the final invoice upon completion, and I will then pack up and weigh your Character for the shipping quote- which I will then send as a separate and final invoice and require before I send off your Character to you.

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Last updated November 20th, 2021.