"I commissioned Verity to create a character doll of my character Ruzalkütaru, and am completely overjoyed by the result! She did an amazing job translating the source artwork into a three-dimensional character which captured the essence of everything that I loved about the original design. I really cannot commend her enough to would-be commissioners. She is a superlative craftsperson, a supremely talented artist, and a consummate professional. At every stage of the process she kept me in the loop, patiently answering my many questions and helping me understand the decisions she was asking me to make. Her toolbox is also amazing—I'm still in awe of how well the digitally-sculpted parts turned out! If you have the opportunity to snag a commission, definitely do so."

- Austin


"I was lucky enough to grab a CreatureCave commission slot in 2020 to bring my dragon to life and couldn’t be more satisfied with how he turned out! The artist was so kind and professional with communication throughout the process, making sure that everything looked well before moving onto the next step. If you’re consistent with expressing your preferences, then there’s no way you will be unhappy with your doll. So definitely go for it if you’ve been thinking about commissioning CreatureCave, I highly recommend them!"



"I commissioned Creature Cave back in 2015 for my Jax doll. They captured his character and personality perfectly, and I could not have asked for anything better! I even took him around Japan with me, I absolutely love him! I highly recommend Creature Cave!"

- Zandy