Terms & Conditions

Read through this page thoroughly before sending in a quote. You will find the link to the quote request form at the bottom.

My Responsibilities as Your Artist
As your artist, I aim to produce your commissioned piece to the highest standard and quality possible.

I do not work to deadlines, and most of my pieces require a minimum of 5 months to complete.

I will keep in contact with you throughout the building process and ask you to approve each major build step.

If there is any reason I cannot continue your piece, or if there is a serious delay, I will keep you updated about my status and progress as I go along.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason without explanation.

Your Responsibilities as My Client
As my client, it is your responsibility to communicate your requests to me in a clear and respectful manner. Any verbal or written abuse will not be tolerated.

It is your responsibility to provide comprehensive and complete reference material on all aspects of your commissioned character.

By commissioning me, you have read, understood and agree to the conditions outlined in this document.

Before Commissioning Me
Please make sure that you read through this entire document before commissioning me.

My dolls are 100% handmade and each one is unique. They are completely posable- but this does not mean that they are invincible. The armature (skeleton) can be fragile if over-stressed. My dolls are not toys, but pieces of art which are designed to be on display and posed occasionally for photos. These are not for strenuous animation even though they are built like basic animation puppets.

Your piece will be done when it is done. If you are not able to wait for a long time please reconsider! I do not like working with deadlines, as deadline stress and pressure will affect the quality of the final product.

I will update you along the way with my progress, and I will ask for you to approve certain steps of the creation process before I continue to the next stage. Most clients will have an exact idea of what they are after, but if you are slightly unsure, or if you are interested in a piece where I have more freedom to be creative, we can work out and outline a brief to suit your interests.



I Will Create:
· Any character that you own the design to
· Animals/creatures (natural/fantasy and anthropomorphic)
· Articulated and non-articulated dolls

I Will NOT Create:
· Characters/designs that do not belong to you
· Licensed characters
· Human characters (less comfortable with this, may reconsider)
· Nudity and over-sexualized characters (including but not limited to human, animal, and anthro)
· Any depictions of hateful content towards the character, an individual or group (including but not limited to: characters/items depicted as racist, sexist, homophobic, politically and religiously discriminatory)


I have the right to refuse to create any character for any reason and without explanation.


I communicate via email as it is easier for me to update you and send you work in progress images this way. Please make sure your email is up to date, and that you check it regularly. Any delay in responses will cause delay in the creation of your doll. I work simultaneously on other projects, so if I do not hear back from you in a timely manner, I will put your creation to the side. 

Image References
When sending reference material for me to work off, please make sure it is a good size/resolution, and the more you send, the better. I prefer references that are not shaded, have clear designs, and any props/jewellery are clearly defined. 

Revisions and Changes
While I continue to work on your character, I will ask you to approve certain aspects of it, such as the sculpting stage, fur, colour, etc. Once you have approved these, it is very difficult to change at later stages, and I will require an additional payment to do so (to be determined by the complexity of the revision).

Colours and Photography
I try to photograph my pieces to the highest quality, but please note that colours may appear slightly different on different monitors/screens.

The colours of fur/patterns that you choose for your characters online may not always translate 100% into physical furs and pigments. I try my very best to colour match where I can, but please note that the physical world will bring a different spin to your character when I bring them to life!


Payment Plans

Once I have approved your quote, and you have confirmed your interest, I will require a £100 holding deposit to secure your slot. Once initial approvals on the doll have been made by the client, I will require the 1st payment instalment before any work is started. Following payments will be invoiced in instalments of 3-4.


I will require the final invoice upon completion, and I will then pack up and weigh your Character for the shipping quote- which I will then send as a separate and final invoice and require before I send off your Character to you.

Payment Methods
I prefer bank transfers from UK customers, but will allow for PayPal. For international customers, I accept PayPal payments only.

Refunds and Returns
I do not accept any returns or exchanges. Any deposit and paid amounts are 100% non-refundable. If in the unlikely event that your item is damaged in transit, I will try to claim back on insurance for the shipped item, and depending on the damage, we will discuss either having you send it back to me to be fixed, or a partial refund. You may be responsible for any shipping charges.

Use your Creature Appropriately!
My pieces are not toys! If your piece breaks due to over activity, no refund will be provided.

Final Product
As I keep you involved every step of the artistic process, there are no refunds provided if you are unhappy with your final product. It is your job as the customer to provide me with your specific feedback each step of the way so the final product is something we are both proud of.

Incomplete Payments
The deposit payments are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions. Final payments are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions.

Payment Timeline
All payments are due no later than 30 days after the invoice has been issued.
If payment is not made within the 30 days, I have every right to complete the doll on my own time and resell it. I will respect your character designs and change the design (mainly colourways) if this does happen, so that I can resell the piece.


I ship worldwide. In the UK, I ship with Royal Mail 1st Class tracked and guaranteed. For the rest of the world, I ship with UPS. Your total quoted cost does not include shipping. I can give you a very rough estimate, but the final weight and size of your finished character will affect this. For shipping to North America, you will be looking around £100+ (depending on weight and size), for UK, around £10-20 (depending on weight and size), and Europe  around £80+.

You are responsible for any additional customs, import charges, and duties for your country. Due to Brexit, I cannot be responsible for any rise in import duties, charges, and taxes. I apologize for the increase in fees, but this is out of my control. Please keep this in mind when budgeting for a commission from me, as the fees vary country to country.


Reproduction and Rights

I retain all rights to any pieces sculpted, printed, and/or moulded for replication and reuse in future dolls of other commissions. If your character has particularly specific designs, I most likely will not use it again, but for more generic pieces (including but not limited to paws, ears, claws, etc.), these will be added to my own library of parts to possibly be reused again in the future on different dolls and commissions. If you have any issues with this, please let me know ahead of time.

Social Media

I regularly post work in progress photos on my social media accounts - Instagram and Twitter- and I am happy to tag you in them as well. If you do not wish me to post these images, please let me know ahead of time. This also applies to any future social media accounts (including but not limited to Patreon- where behind-the-scenes images and processes of your doll may be used in the subscription-plan service offered by Patreon at my discretion). 


Working area
My products are made in a smoke-free home.

My products are not made in a pet-free home. If this is a major concern to you, especially if you are allergic to cats, please let me know ahead of time.

If there are any other questions or concerns that you may have, please feel free to contact me through my email: hello@creaturecave.co.uk


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Last updated April 1st, 2021